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Our Super Inductive System is using the healing effects of the high-intensity electromagnetic fields and is a perfect treatment f0r the painful conditions of the neuromuscular and joint-skeletal system. Ingenious applicator construction allows for therapy delivering without the need of direct skin contact and with patient‘s and therapist‘s comfort in mind.



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Nerve Regeneration
Breathing Enhancement
Slipped Disc
Patellar Tendinopathy
Impingement Syndrome
Spasticity Reduction
Spine Mobilization
Prevention of Muscle Atrophy


The therapy is based on the interaction between the high-intensity electromagnetic field and the human body.

Once the electromagnetic field is generated by a coil placed in the applicator, neuromuscular tissue is depolarized and muscle contraction occurs. With the Super Inductive System you can effectively treat various disorders of neuromuscular and joint-skeletal systems.

A wide range of frequencies assures that the BTL Super Inductive System can be indicated for all stages of painful conditions. Their management is based on three different pain control theories. Each of them varies in the frequency spectrum. Therefore the SIS therapy leads to immediate relief at all stages of disorders, whether chronic or acute.

We are sure you have questions and we are here to answer any you have.

PEMF Therapy FAQ

The Super Inductive System is suitable for patients suffering from neuromuscular and joint-skeletal disorders. Consult your condition with your physiotherapist and learn more about the indications.

No, the therapy does not hurt. According to the treated area and therapy parameters, the patient experiences muscle contractions or may feel slight tingling. Muscle contractions occur during strengthening or joint mobilization, whereas slight tingling is perceived during pain management therapy. 

Number of sessions depends on your condition. Although the Super Inductive System therapy brings immediate relief, to maintain long-term results it is recommended to attend up to 5 therapies in acute conditions and up to 10 therapies in chronic condition.

The therapy is harmless and without side-effects. To ensure maximum comfort, the intensity of stimulation can be fully adjusted during the therapy according to patient’s subjective perception. The Super Inductive System is equipped with Therapy Targeting Mode, which ensures precise delivery of the therapy to the affected area.


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